Private Luxury Villa Rentals Phuket

Most luxury villas on Phuket offer guests privacy, space and a range of attractive on-site amenities that would be hard to find even in the best luxury resort. Luxury private villas are particularly suited to families and groups of friends that want to share the cost of an exclusive, personalized holiday. By adding additional services, agents and villa owners have begun to successfully compete with large resorts and hotels, attracting guests who appreciate the freedom to choose their own type of personal holiday.

In addition to providing chic, comfortable accommodation, a number of luxury villas on Phuket have also been used as venues for events such as private wedding ceremonies or anniversary celebrations. A private luxury villa comes wit the added bonus of a built in honeymoon suite. What's more, most of the top end villas are built around a large swimming pool with large dining spaces and communal areas that make them increasingly popular as wedding venues. Such facilities also make private villas suitable for corporate clients, especially executive level guests who often rent Phuket luxury villas for training events and executive retreats.

Individuals and business clients are happy to associate themselves with a high-end products that reflect or even exceed their own expectations. Such considerations are particularly important with regard to events, as the venue is often chosen specifically to please and impress friends, family or business associates. Luxury villa rentals on Phuket have evolved well beyond a simple alternative to high-end hotel accommodation. These modern, stylish properties now provide a suite of services and options for a range of top-end clients, guaranteeing the ultimate, exclusive island experience.

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