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Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, is not only known for its pearly white beaches and inviting warm waters. It is also a destination for those seeking a culinary treat. Whether you are in the mood for the spicy flavours of traditional Thai cooking, or the familiar comfort of Western dishes, Phuket has the right restaurant for you.

Thai cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its vibrant flavours and fresh ingredients. Phuket is particularly famous for its seafood. Rather than dining at popular chain restaurants on the island, many visitors opt to go to local seafood restaurants run by local people, where they can enjoy the fresh catch of the day. Fresh lobster, giant king prawns and shellfish are all regulars on the menu, often at very affordable prices.

Phuket dining is also famous for khanom chin, a Chinese influenced noodle dish usually served at breakfast, which is accompanied by a spicy curry sauce and fresh vegetables. Also popular is kuai tiao ruea, or Boat Soup. This dish is a traditional noodle soup made with brown broth and stewed buffalo meat. Before serving, a small amount of buffalo blood is added to infuse the dish with extra flavour. For diners who are a little squeamish, this seasoning is optional.

One unique feature of Thai dining culture is the reverence for food and eating, so it’s possible to find somewhere to eat no matter what time of day or night it is. You can enjoy a breakfast of fresh Thai fruit in your hotel or private villa, grab a spicy treat for lunch from a local street vendor, and dress up for a three course dinner delight in a five star restaurant.

Street food is often one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture. Tropical fruits like dragon fruit, papaya and coconuts are extremely popular with visitors who want to refresh themselves after an afternoon of lounging on the beach. If you are in the mood for something a little sweeter, why not try mango with sticky coconut rice or a traditional Thai pancake with banana?

The highest concentration of restaurants and dining establishments can be found in Patong, which is no surprise given the fact that Patong is the main tourist centre on the island. Phuket dining attracts huge numbers of international visitors from all over the world, and the food available in Patong reflects this. You can enjoy everything from spicy Thai street food to world class gourmet cuisine in some of the city’s luxury restaurants. The city is also home to Thai food courts, which give visitors an excellent opportunity to sit down, relax and feast on as many different dishes as they can fit in for an extremely reasonable price.

Phuket Town offers an array of local delights as well as international cuisine, including several well known chain restaurants. The area north of Phuket Town is also home to many high-end restaurants if you are on the lookout for something a little more luxurious. Many high-end restaurants are also situated within hotel or resort complexes like Laguna Phuket, which comprises 30 restaurants and bars for visitors to choose from.

Most restaurants, whether they are world-class eateries or simple beachside retreats, also afford stunning views of Phuket’s idyllic coastline. What could be better than tucking into a delicious meal, whilst enjoying the many colours of sunset over the Andaman Sea?

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