In 2008, we started our campaign to make SVH-PVH Group a more eco friendly business. During the first few months we focused on the things that could be changed immediately and easily. As we entered phase 2 (last quarters of 2008) of our campaign more actions took place.

In 2009 SVH-PVH Group of Companies have broaden their effort and involvement to also include participation and support of  local green and social projects as well as offsetting the company’s co2 emissions for 2008.

Where are we Today

Carbon Footprint:

We continue to measure and document SVH-PVH’s carbon footprints: Flight information for all employees going on business trips

  • Car mileage for all employees
  • Electricity information for all villas and offices is now being collected in order to measure our carbon emissions.
    In January 2009, SVH-PVH Group offset all its above activities for 2008 in a carbon offsetting program in Thailand. Please see below for more information

To view SVH-PVH Group of Companies Carbon Footprint; Click here

Projects and Venues:

  • On the 21st of September 2008, SVH participated in the annual Global Mala Samui by having an information booth presenting and sharing the results of the company's green effort
  • On the 20th of September 2008, SVH-PVH staff participated in a beach clan up project on several locations around Samui and Phuket. The event which took place throughout Thailand, to target underwater and shoreline debris, was organized by Project Aware Foundation
  • The process of documenting SVH-PVH’s carbon footprint has now materialised into an offsetting program. In January 2009, SVH-PVH’s offset their 2008 emissions of 90 tonne of Co2 through a tree planting project in Thailand together with the tree planting agency, “Plant a Tree Today” (PATT). PATT has (among other projects) a project dedicated to carbon offsetting in the Buriram area of Thailand. This project is working in collaboration with PDA and incorporates village development and sets up a microfinance system
  • In total 114 trees was planted to offset SVH-PVH’s one year’s worth of emissions. This is an estimate as different trees soak up different amounts of Co2 over their maturing phase
  • 64 trees was planted through PATT’s tree planting program in Buriram and 50 trees, adopted from the Global Mala event in September 2008, will be planted on dedicated mountain land on Koh Samui to further offset the company’s emissions of Co2

EM: Effective Microorganisms:

  • Since the end of June 2008 all managed Signature and Boutique Villas and SVH office have their own EM tank that the Chef/VM/Staff are filling in with food left over from the guests or staff. By September 2008, more than 20 of the villas are producing and using their own EM as natural fertilizer in the gardens and outdoor areas of the villas

Used cooking oil for Biodiesel:

  • The system of collecting used cooking oil from the villas and deliver to Evason Hideaway is taking place. We have so far collected 22 liters of used cooking oil from the villas. As soon as we reach 100 liters of oil, it will be delivered to Evason Hideaway Resort in exchange for bio diesel


  • We continue to collect money from the villas doing recycling. To view amount collected from recycling Click here
  • SVH-PVH Group is matching all amounts generated by recycling activity in all villas. We would like to thank the above staff members for the money collected through recycling and for their understanding of the program. We hope to encourage more villas will to join and support our campaign from next month onwards
  • The use of recycled paper in all Guest stationary and within the company’s official documents has been implemented in the offices
  • Environmental friendly brown envelopes (unbleached paper) are now in use
  • Re-use printed paper for second print is now SOP
  • Recycle all used magazine and newspaper across the portfolio

Water, Waste and Biodegradable Products

  • Waste bins: We are finalizing the installation of a complete set of bins in order to properly apply the recycling where necessary
  • In the process of purchasing biodegradable waste bags for garbage and other waste and are waiting for quotes
  • All toilets (where it’s possible) in villas and office now have bricks or bottles put into the cistern to reduce water usage while maintaining efficient flushing
  • Water coolers have been implemented in SVH-PVH offices in order to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used within SVH-PVH group of companies
  • By the end of October all villas will have a card encouraging our guests to help us reduce the water consumption by reusing towels and bed sheets
  • In the process of implementing an all natural range of bathroom amenities (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner) which no chemical impact on our environment
  • In the process of implementing a complete range of bio degradable cleaning agents for indoor use


  • All aircon units continue to be serviced every 2 months
  • All staff has been informed about the necessity of turning off lights and electrical appliances when not in the room, villa or offices. Also the need to keep aircon units on not less than 24 degrees Celsius
  • We have established a strategy to replace all standards bulb in all villas and offices for fully recyclable low power usage bulbs from our partner Megaman


  • Behind the SVH head office we have cultivated an organic garden growing vegetables, spices and herbs fertilized with home produced Effective Microorganisms
  • All events by SVH-PVH are prepared with an eco friendly approach to reduce waste and carbon footprint.
  • Training and education of our employee on the environment and how they can help make a difference. We would like to thank the Villa Managers who participated in the Global Mala, working at SVH’s environmental booth
  • Our next step is to approach our valued Guests to offer them the opportunity to offset their traveling and/or villa holiday

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