Estate Management

Phuket Villas & Homes was established in May 2007 as a sister company of Samui Villas & Homes. Based on its background and track record in luxury property and estate management and following the market’s demand for such services, Phuket Villas & Homes extends that experience in Phuket to provide a full range of property services and to confidently aim at servicing some of the most luxurious Villas and Estates on the island.

Estate Management

Estate management is proposed by way of a monthly fee to be negotiated according to a budget drawn in acceptance with the Estate owner or syndicate of owners. Such budget may or may not take into consideration the owners’ intention to let or not their individual properties
Phuket Villas & Homes would provide:

  • an overall guidance and management of the Estate,
  • training and follow up of the Estate Manager(ess) and employees,
  • economies of scale in the various purchase of equipment and sub-contracted services
  • a quarterly reporting to the owner(s) (operation and accounting)
  • Phuket Villas & Homes would appoint a selection of employee, established upon the estimated work load, to care for the daily routine maintenance and up-keep of the Estate. These may or may not be exclusive to the Estate, which will be reflected in the annual budget. The employee selection may include:
    • Estate Manager(ess)
    • Gardeners
    • Pool service
    • Chief Technician and Junior Technician
    • House Keepers
    • Administration
    • Other work force and/or services are preferably sub-contracted for cost efficiency and staff reliability reason (ie security service, pest control, grass & tree cutting & trimming, …)

Administration and accounting

Phuket Villas & Homes follows an annual budget agreed with the owner(s) and a standardized system of account for complete transparency.

All maintenance, operating costs, Estate employees are paid by PVH on behalf of the owner(s) and these charges are charged back to the owner(s). No administrative or mark up are added to these costs.

Phuket Villas & Homes handles all administrative & personnel procedure and obligations (social security, insurance). Upon mutual agreement the employee can be hired either under PVH or the owner(s) company

Phuket Villas & Homes has its own logistical and operational support team to run the Estate operation and Estate Manager(ess) report directly to the Estate Operations Manager(ess) and/or the GM

“Team Spirit” and inter-villas/estate support are emphasized as well as economy of scale to the benefit of the owner(s).

It is a requirement that the Estate provides a utility and service room for storage, technical and basic office use. Depending on situation a vehicle may be needed to be provided by the owner(s). Staff accommodation on or near the Estate is recommended in order to ensure adequate hiring

For more information and a budget assessment to operated an estate, kindly contact us.

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