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The perfect honeymoon island

Many couples these days choose to make their honeymoon even more special by celebrating their marriage in a romantic tropical destination. In such a setting, they can experience the first days or weeks of their new union in peace, surrounded by stunning scenery and use the experience to set a keynote for the years ahead.

Few places can serve as such a glorious backdrop for the ultimate romantic escape as Koh Samui, Thailand. This beautiful island, located roughly an hour’s flight from Bangkok, has become a very popular honeymoon destination for a number of reasons over the last few years, and soon-to-marry couples or those recently married that haven’t chosen their getaway location yet have an ever-increasing list of reasons to head for the Gulf of Thailand.

First, the climate is gloriously tropical almost year-round, making it ideal for outdoor living, as well as day and evening trips to explore or dine out on the beach or to strike out for nearby sister islands. The high seasons run from December through to March and June to September, with the hottest weather in the late spring to summer months. Even during the October and November rainy season, rain may only come as periodic heavy showers or a day or two of on-off rain. Another strong draw for honeymooners is that the Thai people are some of the most welcoming folk on the planet, so every effort is made to make sure the honeymoon a memorable occasion. Unexpected treats abound when villa or hotel staff know that you’re on your first trip as a couple. Private villas and restaurants will often offer extras unasked to note the occasion, and key for budgets in today’s economy, honeymoon specials are frequently offered to couples and their families.

The newest, most practical and relaxing way to enjoy a honeymoon, whether just as a couple or with some family or friends, is to rent a villa that meets the highest possible standards for privacy, personalised amenities, dramatic location and nearby activities. As hotels fill up fast, couples are often left feeling more like a number than special guest and a honeymoon is a one-time experience for a couple, so they increasingly plan the whole occasion as such, with the  “love location” central to the trip. Nowadays, there are numerous attractive villa rental options on Koh Samui and couples can choose online ahead of time to get exactly what they desire. The range of properties on offer is actually quite incredible for a small island, and with a little research, the cost can either match a mid-range budget or meet the desire for an all-stops-out lavish trip.

The types of villa on offer range from simple, romantic, private apartments to hilltop mansions with space for 10-20 guests and amenities start from modest in-home furnishings with a communal swimming pool and gym area, to exclusive hi-society dressings that include en-suite jacuzzis and workout rooms, top-notch entertainment systems and staff waiting to attend to every need from, cooking to chauffeuring. The selection of properties for rent also covers a wide choice of locations, either beachside with the Gulf of Thailand quietly lulling guests to sleep, or on a jungle clad hillside, with tropical birds chirping them awake as the sun rises. Remote villas are easily found, as are closer-to-the-action residences for couples and their friends looking for a base from which to party.

For daytime activities, honeymooners on Samui often take short trips to the nearby island of Koh Tao for snorkeling or scuba-diving, or head to the Ang Thong National Marine Park for a tour among amazing uninhabited limestone islands, with options for kayaking. Inland on Samui, adventures include  zip-line rides through jungle canopy,  elephant trekking to hidden waterfalls, walks along deserted stretches of beach of shopping excursions to buy crafts and just-cooked treats from beach and street vendors, stopping off at on of the many beachside bars and eateries. Day spas and wellness centres also pepper the island, again offering specials for honeymooners, and there can few more romantic pass-times than taking a simple side-by-side seaside Thai massage on one of the island’s many beaches in a quiet sala with only the waves as your background music.

Night markets and Walking Streets are also numerous on Samui, the most famous being Bophut’s regular Friday street festival and another similar gathering down south in Lamai on Sunday nights. The crowds meander along the seaside village streets, perusing gifts, crafts and food, with free entertainment in the form of street performers and live music. For wilder times, party loving couples can head for Chaweng’s Green Mango street and the surrounding area venues, including Club Solo, Sound Club or nearby Reggae Bar, across the lake.

In short, Koh Samui is a dynamic and eclectic place to celebrate a first holiday together, which is why couples from all over the world are now choosing the island, not only as a honeymoon destination, but also as the place to get married and invite friends and family along to share the experience.


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