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Phuket Museum Highlights Island Heritage

Phuket’s newly opened Peranakan Museum is bringing the island’s history and culture to visitors by showcasing traditional jewellery and clothing available to a broad international audience.

The museum was opened by the Tawee Suwan Group earlier this year and offers insights into the history and culture of Phuket.

“We want people see how distinctive Phuket is from the other provinces in southern Thailand,” said the group’s president, Santi Suwannakarn. “Phuket has a long history that has brought about differences in culture, architecture, food, dress and lifestyle. Thanks to the museum we are able to match our display of history and culture with the jewellery and dress items that we sell. The opening of the museum is part of our drive to see local business grow by double digits each year.”

Khun Santi’s family business was established by his grandfather more than 80 years ago and is now managed by its third generation. The traditional costumes of the Baba-Yaya community, descendants of Chinese immigrants who settled on Phuket 100 years ago, are proving particularly popular with visitors.

By honing in on local culture that goes back hundreds of years, the business and the museum are able to make a powerful connection with visitors who want to learn more about local culture and the unique experiences that have become the focus of many of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT’s) main marketing strategies over the last year.

“Most of our business concepts are based on an understanding of Phuket’s culture and lifestyle. This is the key to our success in driving the family business forward with sustainable growth over the long term. When foreign tourists visit the museum, they learn about the province’s culture and that inspires them to buy cultural products,” added Khun Santi.

The Peranakan Museum is situated close to Phuket Town on Thepakasattri Road.


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