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New Dive Site Adds to Thailand’s List of Underwater Attractions

Situated on the western coast of Thailand, the Andaman Sea has long been a Mecca for divers across the world. Its waters are home to a stunning array of creatures, and a plethora of diverse dive sites await those who travel to the country to explore its underwater wonders.

Phuket is within easy reach of a range of popular diving locations, both for day trips and longer excursions. The Phi Phi archipelago is one of the most popular destinations for day trips. However, for longer dive excursions from Phuket, the Similan Islands, Koh Bon and the Surin Islands are especially sought-after. Situated 95km to the northwest of Phuket, the Similans are cherished for their spectacular unspoilt underwater beauty, with an array of vivid coral reefs ripe for exploration.

The Andaman region can now add another unique dive site to its collection of marine gems – this time in Trang, to the southeast of Phuket just off the Thai mainland. Authorities at Hat Cha Mai National Park have introduced a new diving challenge known as the Black Pearl Cave to the area’s list of underwater sites. According to a report in The Bangkok Post, the new site is aimed at more experienced divers who want to put their skills to the test.

“The new dive site is a cave under Koh Waen that was a premier location for undersea wedding activities about 20 years ago,” says Manote Wongsureerat, chief of the marine national park. “It is named Black Pearl Cave because it requires visitors to dive in the dark to reach the precious surroundings.”

In order to access this unique site, divers must descend vertically for 12-15 metres beneath Koh Waen to reach the mouth of the cavern. The cave itself forms a passageway of roughly 30 metres, which divers are free to explore, before they emerge at the end of the underwater grotto to find themselves in a natural dome of about 30 metres in height.

This area is completely dark, so divers need underwater torches to appreciate the natural beauty. The dome is home to a stunning collection of stalactites, in addition to a range of interesting sea creatures. The whole experience takes about 15 minutes, although according to Manote, the dive is particularly challenging, so divers will need to be fully focused for the entire time.

Those tempted by an exhilarating trip to Black Pearl Cave, should also bear in mind that they will need to have passed an advanced scuba diving course in order to obtain entry permission from the national park authorities.


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